The Time to Improve Your Time Management Skills Is Now!

If you enjoyed Get Organized Month in January, you’re going to love National Time Management Month in February!

Think about it: you made your New Year’s resolutions just a few weeks ago. As a result, now is probably the time you could use a boost to stay focused on them. That’s what Time Management Month is all about!

Here are a few time management pointers to keep in mind as you move through February and the rest of this new year. You may want to choose a new tip to implement each month or invite your family and friends to join you in a contest for greatest time management improvement. However you do it, we hope you’ll take advantage of this inspiration to reclaim your days!

  • Forget multi-tasking. Actually, did you know it’s impossible for your conscious brain to focus on more than one task at a time? So striving to answer emails while you listen to your voicemail while you’re prepping for that upcoming meeting isn’t doing you any favors. Do one task at a time; you’ll do a more thorough job, and you may even get through it faster.
  • Give power to your calendar. In addition to blocking out time for meetings and appointments, block out time to focus on your projects. Just as you would strive to prevent one meeting from bumping another one, protect your appointments with yourself, and don’t let other meetings encroach on them. If you have a door, close it; let your calls go to voicemail; and turn off your email notifications. Just dig in to your work and get it done—interruption-free.
  • Make your own work a priority; set aside time for responding to other people’s needs. You may choose to establish a morning and an afternoon time for replying to emails and voicemails; you may decide to tackle other people’s questions first thing in the morning and then focus on your own tasks until lunch. Whatever schedule you establish, stick to it. Your colleagues will learn that you are just as responsive as ever—but on your timeline, not theirs.

We are all pulled in so many different directions, sometimes it’s tough to feel like we’re making any headway. A few good time management techniques could make a big difference!

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